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‘Together We Achieve’


  Mrs. Holdsworth - Reading Subject Leader  

Reading at Swanwick Primary School

At Swanwick Primary school, we believe passionately in the transformative power of reading. We recognize that reading is not just a fundamental skill; it is the cornerstone of academic success, personal growth, and lifelong learning. Our dedication to promoting reading stems from several deeply held convictions: Firstly, reading lays the groundwork for acquiring knowledge across all subjects, including mathematics, science, social studies, and the arts. Without strong reading skills, children may struggle to comprehend textbooks, instructions, and other learning materials and at our school we are determined to ensure all of our pupils become fluent readers, opening up the world of learning.

Not only do we strive to give our pupils the skills to read but we also understand the importance of fostering a love of reading. Our exciting reading curriculum ensures that all children are emmersed in a wealth of quality texts which are carefully mapped out across the year groups. We ensure that all pupils experience a wide range of authors, genres including fiction, non-fiction and poetry anthologies and multicultural and diverse texts. In this way we empower them to become critical thinkers, empathetic individuals, and enthusiastic learners, setting them on a path to success in school and beyond.

As a school we also value the role that reading plays in fuelling the imagination by transporting readers to imaginary worlds, historical settings, and fantastical realms. It encourages creativity as children envision characters, settings, and plot twists based on their interpretations of the text. Exposure to a variety of texts also enriches pupils' vocabulary and language skills. Reading introduces them to new words, idiomatic expressions, and linguistic structures, which they can incorporate into their spoken and written communication.

Importantly we also recognize the role of reading in supporting pupils' social and emotional well-being. Books provide comfort, inspiration, and a sense of connection, helping pupils navigate the complexities of their inner worlds and the world around them.

Ultimately as a school we are dedicated to cultivating a culture of lifelong learning among our pupils. By instilling a love for reading from an early age, we lay the groundwork for a lifetime of intellectual curiosity, exploration, and growth.






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