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Pupil First Aid Course, by Swanwick Primary School

Date: 27th Jul 2020 @ 4:00pm

Last week, years 3,4,5 and 6 were fortunate enough to receive a morning with the St. John Ambulance, who gave the children a course in first aid, including the recovery position, seeking help, asthma and choking.

We are very proud of how all the classes handled this responsibly and thoughtfully, even when the teachers need a little help themselves.

Year 5 Visit to the Holocaust Centre, by Swanwick Primary School

Date: 27th Jul 2020 @ 3:55pm

This week, the children of year 5 visited the Holocaust Centre in Laxton. The children had an exciting day out discovering more for the World War 2 topic.

The children learned a lot about the journey many Jewish people and children went through in World War 2, responding appropriately to what can be a very difficult subject.

The children had a busy day and where very tired on their return. However it seemed the day was not done with some of us yet. While Mrs. Ingram’s class returned on their coach without issue. Mr. Cartwright’s class had an adventure when their bus broke down.

However, the children dealt with this in their stride, and after finding a near safe field, had an impromptu ‘picnic’ and played games (though if asked, many of the children have a found suitably more… heroic retelling of this event).

Eventually though, all the children returned safely to school having a lot to think about from the day and how we can treat others in the world.

Reception's New Year, by Swanwick Primary School

Date: 27th Jul 2020 @ 3:51pm

Our brand new Reception Classes have been super busy learning about ‘What makes me, me?’.

They have been creating funny faces using cutting and sticking skills, mark making to draw their lovely families and yesterday we went on a sensory walk to explore all our senses.

As you can see, they have already been extremely busy and this is only their second week full week in school!

This year our new reception children received a special ‘starting school’ buddy. They all adopted a small mouse to look after over the summer. The children have very kindly ensured that the mice are ready for school, by ensuring early bedtimes, healthy eating and bedtime stories. The Mice have all arrived in their best outfits and have little pouches to sleep in, in school.

We wanted to share some of the mice with you!

Welcome to the New School Year!, by Swanwick Primary School

Date: 27th Jul 2020 @ 3:07pm

Welcome to the new school year at Swanwick primary! Our children have been getting settled in well now and are enjoying a very active curriculum.

As With previous years, we have cleared the school blog to make way for exciting content for the year ahead. Already this week, years three to six have had first aid training from the St. John’s Ambulance Service and year three have spent an exciting morning investigating many pre-historical artefacts with visitors from Creswell Crags. Photos and blog posts will follow for these soon!

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