‘TogetherWe Achieve

‘Together We Achieve’

Our Busy Week by Year 5

Date: 27th Jul 2020 @ 4:18pm

What a week year 5 have had. To begin with, the pupils have been incredibly sensible and responsible earning their level 1 and 2 cycling proficiency. The children have learned lots over their 2 days training and shoed a great attitude on the roads around Swanwick.

If this wasn’t enough, we have also began looking at rationing as part of our World War 2 topic. Several children brought in replica ration books and we’ve discussed what life was like to not have all the food options we have at our disposal that we have today.

Not content with simply discussing rationing, the children have spent the latter part of the week cooking and baking World War 2 recipes. First were rock buns, which each class had chance to bake.

When the children arrived today, the children found the rooms had been rearranged for the preparation of vegetable soup. To help join in with the war effort, the children dug up and used spring onion, celeriac and potatoes from the school garden and many staff brought in produce from their own gardens.

We spent a very messy morning preparing vegetables and making soup, which will be cooked and eaten on Friday.

Mrs. Ingram was also lucky enough to win one of the cakes from Wednesday’s St. John’s Ambulance fundraiser. Never one to miss an opportunity, Mrs. Ingram showed how rationing was achieved by cutting a cake designed for 10 people into 66 pieces, ensuring each child got a slice!

We can all agree this has been an exceptionally busy and fun week for year 5, full of learning and the discovery of new vegetables! It’s not over though, Friday will see the children make a WW2 style apple crumble. However, until then, the only thing left to do is clear up!

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