‘TogetherWe Achieve

‘Together We Achieve’

Year 4



KT/GH/RS Year 4 overview Autumn




Ancient Egypt

Vikings and Scandinavia

Habitats – animals and humans

The BIG Question

What secrets were buried with the Egyptians?

Is there more to Scandinavia than Vikings?

Do birds of a feather flock together?


History based

Geography based

Science based






The Specialists – Egyptian day


FX Guru – Dragon on the playground

Dragon Egg

Carsington Trip




(mini project)



Changes in state


Living things and their habitats

Animals including humans

Food chains and life cycles



Food tasting/ making

Make own bug hotels

Build hedgehog homes (Man shed?)


Egyptian museum

Scandinavian Exhibitions for parents.

Create a bug and hedgehog orienteering cause for parents?

(Showing bug hotels and hedgehog homes)


Assembly on climate change


Geography – locating Egypt

River Nile


Art – papyrus making



Forest schools – death masks, jewellery, boats


History – hieroglyphs, search for Tutankhamun, chronology of events, investigating artefacts, daily life of an 8/9 year old, poos from the past.

Art – pattern landscapes

Landscape art

Perspective drawing – street of the future

Troll/ Dragon art

Chromography – Northern lights.

History – vikings

Music – ABBA, A-Ha, Aqua, Bjork

Geography – map skills, comparing countries (UK, Norway, Sweden)

Indigenous groups

Design a coat to keep warm

DT – make bug hotels/ hedgehog homes

Art – Monet, pond art






Diary – Howard Carter

Non-fiction – instructions

How to mummify your…



Stories – traditional stories, re-tell own version of a traditional story based in Egypt.


  • Poetry – Dragon poems
  • Creating images
  • Information texts – tourist brochures
  • Fantasy stories/ imaginary worlds
  • Country fact files
  • Non-chronological report
  • Stories which raise issues and dilemmas
  • Deforestation and persuasive writing
  • Writing from different viewpoints – debate

(Hunting, deforestation, climate change, urbanisation.

  • Newspaper reports
  • Recounts of trip to Carsington
  • Poems to perform
  • Exploring form and language play



Key text

You wouldn’t want to be a pyramid builder


How to mummify your…



Julius Zebra

The Egyptian Cinderella

Secret Agent Mummy – Hieroglyphs of Horror

Key Text

How to train your dragon


Key texts

The hodgeheg



Additional texts

The whale who saved us

Dear Greenpeace

The magic school bus and the climate change


One world


  • Museum guides
  • Role play/ drama
  • Debate – artefacts
  • Travel agent presentation – selling houses, country, tourist attractions
  • Exhibition guide
  • Key phrases in Swedish
  • Debates – hunting, deforestation, climate change, urbanisation

Enquiry maths

  • Weather in Egypt – weather graphs (data)
  • 3d shapes
  • Triangular and square numbers
  • Number hieroglyphs
  • Measurement with hands
  • How much water is needed to feed crops
  • Area and perimeter of fields
  • Number problems weighing the heart


  • Nrich ancient runes
  • Viking shield fractions
  • Distances to Europe
  • Co-ordinates Viking invasion
  • Bug database
  • Climate graphs


  • Internet research
  • E-safety smart crew
  • Digital media – take photographs and edit for calendars adding image to an Egyptian background
  • Use stop motion to create short animation (boats travelling down the nile)
  • Internet research – Scandinavia fact file and powerpoint
  • Add sound effects to powerpoint
  • Music and sound – Create a piece of music using software.
  • Scratch – programming hedgehogs
  • Data – collect, organise and present data in graphs and tables.
  • Organise data about animals in a spreadsheet.


  • 2.1 What do different people believe about God?
  • 2.10 – What are the deeper meanings of festivals?

(seasonal – Christmas, Hannukah, Diwali)

  • 2.11 – Why is Pilgrimage important to some religious believers?
  • 2.13 – What can we learn from religions about deciding what is right and wrong?
  • 2.16 – Can religions help build a fair world?
  • 2.9 – Why is prayer important for religious believers?

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