‘TogetherWe Achieve

‘Together We Achieve’



Big Question: 

What makes Me, Me?  Why am I special? 

What is magical?    Are all animals different? 
Wow event 

Mouse Starts School!  Family Photos sent in for display  Superhero Day  Supertato Evil pea crime scene!     

Volcanoes and Bubbling Porridge Pots  Dragon FX Guru  in classroom (film) Dragon Eggs in classroom  Nativity performance @ Matlock farm.  Animal Man visits with many animals  Skype with Maisie the Zoo Keeper  Pets invited in   

Superhero Day-  to share all our special qualities 

Children can talk about a variety of magical experiences.   Pooseum- Parents are invited in to learn about animal poo and animal facts  Children learn about endangered species and how they can make a difference in their lives. 
Curriculum links 

What do I look like? Who is special to me? What is my body like? Why am I super?     

How can we be scientists?    Why do animals look different? Where/How do animals live? Could all animals make a good pet?    How can we protect animals? 
Literacy genres 

NonFiction- recording labels for new books. Making fruit books, writing about me, labelling families.  Fiction- Speech Bubbles, Key texts (listed below); basic comprehension skills 

Non Fiction Rhyme-recoding and matching rhyme pairs, sentences and questions  Fiction- Pie Corbett  Fiction- story writing and sequencing (Bear Hunt, some Pie Corbett)  Non Fiction leaflets and booklets and labels 
Texts/ Stimulus  Fiction  Non-fiction 

  Kippers Birthday  The Skin you live in  Families, Families, Families  Senses  Kindness Elves  Supertato  Making Faces  Oliver’s fruit Salad 

Room on the Broom  Zog   The odd egg  The Magic Porridge Pot  Mystery Magical photos  Matlock farm Nativity  Ada Twist, Scientist    Tiger Ways  The Bear Hunt  Wanted: The Perfect Pet  The Clue is in the poo  Amazing Animal Journeys 


Big Question: 

  What changes and grows? 

  What is out there?    What is all this water for? 
Wow event 

Magic beanstalk FX Guru film in classroom  Mystery seeds sent home   Incubator in classroom-Hatching Eggs 

Treasure hunt using school map  Swanwick Mapping Walk  Skype call with a real postman      Pirate themed imagination day  Treasure hunt- Mapping 

Mystery seeds turn into beans and other plants  Children can talk about how things grow. They can talk about free range farming and how they can make a difference. 

Understanding the community and local areas  Children recognise what Swanwick has to offer. They can talk about the place they live and some aspects of the wider world.  Understanding how water impacts our lives. Why it is so important and how some people may not have as much as us.  Water aid- support this campaign 
Curriculum links

How do humans change and grow? What makes us healthy?                   How do chickens grow and change?            How do plants change and grow?     

What is up above? (space)  What is in Swanwick?  How can we travel?           Where can we travel?  What is in the sea?  What lives in the sea?  What travels on water? Why does it rain?              How can we look after the earth? 
Literacy genres 

Fiction- Pie Corbett story telling    Non Fiction- Incubator observations and chick growth lifecycle   

Non Fiction- Mapping and labelling  Labelling and information texts on planets.  Fiction- Lighthouse keepers lunch    Non Fiction- recipe cards    Fiction- Story sequencing 
Texts/ Stimulus  Fiction  Non-fiction 

The growing story  Egg to Chick  Chickens aren’t the only ones  It starts with a seed  Planting a rainbow  The easter story  We’re going on an egg hunt   

Whatever Next  Planets  The way back home  Roaring Rockets  Meercat mail  Emma Jane’s aeroplane  The train Ride    Lighthouse keeper’s lunch  How a lighthouse works  My Adventure Island 


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