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Big question:

What is it like on the other side of the world?

Are all fires bad?

Could you live in a freezer?

How can we keep healthy?

What are plants for?

Wow event

Video clips of Australian bush fires.

Visit from the fire service.


Visit from a Baker.

Cinema experience with interval and drinks.


Watch Happy Feet/Frozen.


Mini topic-

Children help make a bird hide and resources to record findings.

Visit from health professional.


Visit to Rosliston park -smelly potions and natural art activities.


Mini topic –make a Mini -beast hotel.


Art display

Animal fact book.

Museum in classrooms – fire of London artefacts etc.


Class body information book.


Come to Swanwick – sell it as a place to visit with posters, brochures and tourist information spot in school.

Curriculum links

Geography – Australian bush fires –study geography place knowledge.

Geography/ Science – Seasonal Changes –Ongoing human and physical geography and science.

Science – Naming a variety of common animals.

Science – compare similarities and differences between 2 animals.

Art – Aboriginal inspired art.

Art – Colour mixing.

Art – Autumn linked scenes.

Art/D&T – Clay animals.

Art – Animal drawings.

Art – Hot pictures.

Music – animal songs.

D&T – Split pin animals.

RE – How do Jewish people celebrate special Festivals.

History – Significant event beyond living memory.

History – Gunpowder plot.

History – Changes within living memory – link to RE.

Science – Naming, comparing, testing and describing properties of everyday materials.

Geography – London – locational geography /compare with e.g. Scotland.

Geography/ Science – Seasonal changes –Ongoing human and physical geography and science.

Art – Tudor houses.

Art – Portraits.

Art – Tone and shade.

Art/ D&T – Fire of London Christmas cards and calendars.

D&T – Salt dough bread.

RE – How do Christians celebrate different festivals.

RE – How are events in people’s lives celebrated?

Music – Christmas songs and performances.

Music – London’s burning in rounds.

Science – science and geography observing the weather.

Science – identifying and classifying birds.

Geography/ Science – Seasonal changes.

Geography – Locate north and south pole/ Arctic and Antarctic.

RE – Caring for the world.

Art – Polar diorama.

Art – Cold pictures and collages.

Art – Winter linked scenes.

Art – Spring linked pictures.

Art/ D&T – Easter and Mother’s day cards.

Art/ D&T – Recycling pictures/collage.

D&T – Split pin and plate animals.

D&T – Cornflake nests.

Music – Easter songs.


Geography/ Science – Seasonal Changes – Ongoing human and physical geography and science.

Science – Humans science name and label basic parts of the body.

Science – Senses – including deprivation experiments.

History – Lives of significant individuals – Florence Nightingale.

RE – Creation stories.

Art – Prints from portraits.

Art – Summer scenes.

Art – Bark and leaf rubbings.

Art/ D&T – Father’s day cards.

Art – Still life/ observational drawings body parts.

Music – Body songs and body percussion.

Geography – Locational geography – Swanwick village health services + street furniture, Survey maps, google earth.

Geography – compare two locations (town and country).

Science – Identify and name a variety of common wild and garden plants.

Science – Identify and describe simple structure of a plant including trees.

Science – Experiments with plants.

Geography/Science – Seasonal changes.

Art – Prints from fruit and leaves.

Art – Sill life/ observational drawings of fruit and flowers.

Art – Leaf, insect or flower designs on clay.

RE – Places of worship.

Music – Home songs and home noises.

Music – Using outdoors to make music – nature branches, twigs and stones.

Literacy genres

Report writing;






Report writing;


Traditional Tales;

Old Nursery Rhymes.

Reports- weather;

Non-fiction Polar animals/weather;

Hot and Cold poety.


Information texts;

Familiar settings;

People poems;

Letter – link history Florence Nightingale;

Thank you letter to health practitioner.


Information texts;

Familiar Settings;

Plant diary;



Texts/ Stimulus

Katie goes to London.


Samuel Pepys Diary extracts;

Gingerbread Man;

Katie goes to Scotland


Penguin Small/ Penguin Pet;

Polar animal book.

Florence Nightingale/Mary Seacole.




Know that they can record sound;

Know that messages can be sent electronically;

Use talking postcards to aid early writing.


Use talking postcards to aid early writing;

Photographs throughout the year to support science/ geography/ weather;

Use a variety of tools to create an image/pictures to support topic + Christmas wrapping paper;

Practical sorting in maths.

Know that they can capture still and video images –recordings from bird hide;

Use ICT to sort –minibeasts;

Hot and cold climate animals;

Use software to compose sounds;

Explore and share information from a variety of sources – research animals from different climates.

Create a graph or chart to answer simple questions – weather chart or graph;

Explore and share information from a variety of sources – research Florence Nightingale/Mary Seacole;

Washing hands/ instructions – control/debugging.


Create a graph or chart to answer simple questions – weather chart or graph;

Add text to graphics and use sound to communicate ideas – guided tour of Swanwick – tablets pictures and sound;

Maths – direction/instruction and control/debugging.

Mini Themes


History – Gunpowder Plot-1 week.

Science – Suitable materials for building Art week-links with enquiry

Block art and D&T..

Animals and birds from a hot climate to compare with polar regions – 1/2 weeks

build a bird hide and bird homes /feeding stations – science link materials.

Meercat mail.


Science – Minibeasts – 2 weeks;

Science –identify and name a variety of common animals.