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School Information

Everything you need to know.

School Information

The School Day

Children should arrive at school between 8.45 and 8.55. Teachers are in school long before 8.45, but we don’t guarantee supervision before that time. In inclement weather children can come into their classroom at 8.45, or sooner if the teacher is there and gives permission. Normally your child should go onto the playground on arrival at school, and you are welcome to accompany him/her. Please keep paths and doorways clear. For security reasons external doors are locked until 8.45am.

At lunchtime children who do not go home may have a school meal or bring sandwiches. Parents who feel their child may be entitled to free school meals should apply online, using the Derbyshire website. Please contact the school office should you require any further information or advice. Children who go home for lunch should return by 1.00pm.From September 2014 all Reception and Key Stage 1 children will be provided with a Free School Meal.

No child is permitted to leave the school premises during school times unless collected by his/her parent or other adult nominated by his/her parent. We do not allow children to leave school alone in order to meet a parent or go home even at the request of parents. If your child has to leave school (for example for a dentist’s appointment) please arrange for him/her to be collected.

School Dinners

Your help is much appreciated by the Admin Team.

Dinner money for each term:

Term 2 - £70.00  

Term 3 - £64.00

Term 4 - £40.00

Term 5 - £68.00

Term 6 - £68.00

Please make cheques payable to DCC, to be paid in the first week of term.

Weekly charge: £10.00 paid on the first day of the week. Please send all payments in sealed envelopes stating your child''s name and class.

Dinner Money – Key Stage 2 (Y3 to Y6) £2.00 per day Please note the Term amounts stated have taken into account any days when packed lunches or school closures are known of at the time of producing the diary. If you know of any additional trips to be taken in the term please reduce the amount accordingly. Also if you know of any credits you may have due to illness when meals have already been paid for in the previous term please also take off the amount of the credit. All payments to be sent in a sealed envelope stating your child’s name, class , amount and days meals required if not taken all week and sent on the first day of term or first day of the week. Cheques to be made payable to DCC.

Our Menu

School Uniform and PE Kit

We are pleased to inform you that our School Uniform can now be ordered on line, with the following companies: 
Price and Buckland Ltd,
Tesco Uniform 

Price and Buckland do provide samples, which are held at school, and will be available at the Starter Meetings in June and July, so you can check size before placing your order. If you would prefer to order uniform directly from school, we do have limited stock and will be happy to process your order. 

Please ensure any orders are at school before 16th June 2017 with payment –
Cheques should be made payable to Swanwick Primary School to ensure delivery before the start of term in September.

PE Bags and Book Bags are currently only available from school. 
Click on the links below to select the order form required and current price list. 

Order Uniform
Price list
Pay through Parentpay

School Forms (Downloadable)
Application for free school meals
School lunch menu
Pupil information update form
Parental consent for school to administer medicine
Application for leave of absence