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Autumn 1

Autumn 2


Our Body. We are all super!

Magic! Seasons

The BIG Question

Why are we special?

How can I look after myself?

What is magical?

How is the world magical?


The children explore how they are different/same as other children. They will look at their super powers (strengths) and will learn how to stay safe and healthy. The kindness elves will address ways to be kind to our new class peers and the children will make a kindness potion.

The children begin the term exploring the changing seasons with a nature walk.

They look at magical experiments and make some fizzing volcanoes. They look and similarities and differences. They learn to retell magical stories using pie Corbett story language.

A magical dragon egg will be entrusted to the unit from a dragon mummy. The children must care for this and report back to the mummy through letters and videos.






Superhero Day

Teddy Birthday Party

Evil Pea Crime Scene 

Potion Making

Science week- Experiments

Dragon Egg arrives in unit

FX GURU- dragon has been in our classroom!

Autumn Walk and Nature Station


Personal, Social and Emotional development (PSED)

Understanding their bodies


Expressive Arts and Design (EAD)

Using imaginations to tell stories


Understanding the world- Science






Non Fiction- books about our body


Fiction- Superhero stories 


Non Fiction- Seasonal books about Autumn


Fiction- Magical stories- Pie Corbett story telling


Poetry- Rhyming stories


Key text

The Kindness Elves


Oliver’s Fruit Salad

Key text

Room on the Broom

The Magic Porridge Pot


The Christmas Wombat


  • Role play superheroes
  • Share ideas with teams and partners
  • Christmas Play
  • Pie Corbett story telling opportunities
  • Messages filmed on Tapestry to the Dragon mummy



Spring 1

Spring 2


All Animals Great and Small

Changes and Growth

The BIG Question

What makes a good pet?

How do animals live?

Where do animals live?

What makes us grow?

How do chickens grow?


The children will learn about various animals around the world, how they live and survive. They will consider which animal would make the perfect pet.

The children will further explore how they keep their bodies healthy and safe. They will be caring for hen eggs in the unit, and will observe the eggs hatching into chicks.






The Animal Man will visit the unit, bringing a range of animals to meet the children.

Eggs Incubator

FX Guru- Beanstalk growing in the classroom

Magic Beans!


Understanding the World

Expressive Arts and Design

Understanding the World

Personal Social and Emotional





Non Fiction- Dinosaur books

Fiction- Animal themed stories

Non Fiction- A Tiny Seed

Fiction- Changes and Growth books


Key text

We’re going on a bear hunt

Tiger Ways

Perfect Pet

Key text

Jack and the Beanstalk Talk for Writing

The Odd Egg

The Hungry Caterpillar

Egg to Chick


Information films about the animals

Oral retelling of the story