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The ppod is a new provision, developed initially in partnership with the virtual school, since September 2016. It is designed to provide support for children and their families during times of stress (e.g. school refusal, bereavement, divorce or pressure as a result of tests).

Since September 2016, we have supported a large number of famillies, individuals and sibling groups. The ppod is a safe, confidential and relaxing space available for quick chats, longer in-depth discussions and crisis meetings within a non-jundgmental suport system.

Although we are not councellors, we have been extensively trained in the understanding of social and emotional needs and their impact on learning. We are also able to offer strategies to support increased well-being.


If you feel that either you or your child/ children would benefit from the support that we offer, please contact us in one of the following ways:

  • Through your child's class teacher, who can then make a referral via an internal process.
  • By speaking directly to Mrs Mel Walton (SENCo), Mrs Helen Stone (Pastoral Advisor) or Mrs Meryl Hannant (headteacher)
  • By email to the following confidential address: ppod@swanwick.derbyshire.sch.uk
  Our own research and that of other establishments nationally has shown that early interventions in matters relating to social and emotional wellbeing is beneficial in terms of learning outcomes and positive mental health.
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