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Explore these links to some excellent maths websites... 

Games chosen by Benedict, Year 6 

  Excellent area and perimeter site. This links well to our work in school. Practise your skills over the holidays to get ahead!
  This is a really brilliant maths website which teaches you all sorts of useful methods. It explains the maths very well and gives you quizes to help you understand it.

This is really exciting game that will help you learn your times tables and let you have some fun. It is a race to the the finish line with a bit of multipilication within it.




Tables practise with a difference. Beat the clock to get all the time table right. Can you answer 20 questions before the time runs out?

  Hit the button  Absolutely brilliant! You can practise all your number facts on this page including division. Make sure you can find division facts as quickly as multipllication!
    This is an excellent site that helps you understand maths word problems and gives you plenty of practice in working them out. You can try problems relating to addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, fractions and ratio and proportion.
    An interesting and diverse selection of maths games, simulations and even art for you to explore. Excellent for anyone who likes maths and a challenge!


This is a game when you need to use your multiplication skills to get your penguin to the end of all the icebergs. It's another racing game that involves multiplication. 



This is a game where you use your mathamatic skills to get the bitubes and defeat the evil robots from taking over the WORLD!!!


Really excellent site for learning about and practising angles using a protractor.
   Find the correct angle to shoot the enemy spaceships- good fun.
  You  are on a mission to save the world and you will need all your angles knowledge to succeed.

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