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Mrs M.Hannant Headteacher Safe-guarding lead   
Mr R Smith Deputy Head, assessment and year 4,5,6 team leader.  Year 6  
Mr S Morris Assistant Head, English KS1 and year 2/3 team leader.   Year 2  
Mr H Cartwright RE and Collective Worship  Year 1  
Mrs K Frogson Art   Year 1  
Mrs F Goodyear Computing and website   Year 6  
Mrs R Ingram Maths  Year 5  
Miss S Lonie Design Technology  Year 3  
Mrs G Hilditch Science  Year 4  
Mrs M Holdsworth English KS2 Year 3  
Miss V Langford History  Year 4  
Miss H Mallard    Reception  
Mrs J Petter Infant maths  Year 2  
Mrs W Skermer Music  Year 5  
Mrs L Taylor Geography  PPA cover  
Mrs K Turner PE  Year 5  
Mrs M Walton SENCO    
Miss J Wright EYFS and Year 1 team leader  Reception  
Mrs R Wood Forest Schools  Year 3  
Miss K Wynne    Year 6  

The staff of Swanwick Primary School make use of many websites and are very grateful to the sites included in 'Our Links' for the contribution they make to our teaching.





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CONGRATULATIONS SPORTS DAY WINNERS - Key Stage 1 Team "Foxes 1" and Key Stage 2 Team "Squirrels 1"

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