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Welcome to Year 6!  
Year 6 is a very busy year with lots of exciting and interesting opportunities and challenges for everyone. As the oldest children in the school, you will be able to take on a variety of responsibilities from helping in the office to working the PA for assemblies and updating the website. If you haven't acted in a school play yet, make sure you have a part this year in one of our productions or concerts. We are also looking forward to some exciting trips and visits including "The Deep" at the start of the Autumn Term and Whitehall in the summer.  

Our enquiry questions for this year are: 

Click on the links below to find out more:

What is life?  
What was the Golden Age of Islam?  
What makes a funfair fun?  
What did the Ancient Greeks do for us?  
What is our Local Area like?  
Are all National Parks the same?  



Please make sure you have your reading diary, reading book and PE kit in school EVERY DAY! It is really important and proves you are getting responsible if you organise this yourself. You should aim to read 5 times a week or more for half an hour a day. You should read out loud for some of your reading time and make a note of new words. You should also be picking out good words and phrases for your writing. Book opening



 Use this British Museum site to find out about Greek art, architecture and everyday life.  Find out about the Ancient Greek olympics.  Lots of learning pathways to teach about  different aspects of the Ancient Greeks.  Build your own Greek Temple.
 An excellent introduction to the Ancient Greeks with a map and time line. There is also a useful quiz to test your knowledge.  Everything about the Ancient Greeks.  Find out about how Democracy developed in Great Britain.  Listen to a range of different Greek myths and legends from the BBC schools' radio.



 In this gallery, you can find out about the work we have been doing this year:

What is life? Class work (2016)

Click on the link below to view a selection of our work on Charles Darwin and Mary Anning. You can also see some of our artwork based on the enquiry question "What is life?" (link) 

 Golden Age of Islam Art Gallery (2014). Please click on the picture to view the gallery.


Working fairground models (summer 2015)  





  Keep up to date with your maths skills and have fun at the same time using the year 6 maths games page.  reading logo These sites include games for spelling and information about literacy skills. 

Target maths page.

Need help with specific skills? Try out our online learning linked to learning objectives in class.







Art related to  "What is life?" enquiry question.




Joseph Wolf (1820-1899), was a talented Victorian wildlife illustrator and painter who lived at the same time as Charles Darwin and helped to illustrate one of Charles' books. We are going to be reproducing and creating our own 'Victorian Naturalist' artwork.
Partridges  eagle  scimitar babblers













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CONGRATULATIONS SPORTS DAY WINNERS - Key Stage 1 Team "Foxes 1" and Key Stage 2 Team "Squirrels 1"

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