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Year 5 is a great year. We particularly begin to focus on higher level maths problem solving skills and higher level literacy skills which result in the production of some excellent pieces of written work.

During this year we will find out all about Britain at war, particularly focussing on World War Two.

We will study New York in great detail looking particularly at the early years of New York, the Art Deco building designs and the effect of immigration on the population at this time.

Our previous enquiry based New York work led us to study further the Titanic and spend some time looking at the life of John Lennon which links beautifully to the Strawberry fields Memorial Garden in Central Park.

Later in the year the children will be able to focus on more local matters. We will study the Pentrich Revolution, take a close look at the Plague village of Eyam and briefly look at the importance of Derbyshire’s pivotal role during the Industrial Revolution.

Finally our walk to McDonald’s encourages the children to think about where our food comes from, what it contains and where our packaging goes.

All our topics are enquiry driven. Therefore although we provide a framework for the pupils to follow, sometimes the children’s focus can be drawn to a particular aspect of the enquiry and therefore our learning paths can sometimes take a new route.

Our enquiry questions for this year are: 


Who has Britain been at war with and why?

What makes New York so special and exciting?

Why did the Titanic set out for New York?

Who was John Lennon?

Why is Derbyshire so special?

Where does our food come from?

Where does our rubbish go?




Click on the non-negotiables to find the year 5 key skills. These are the expectations for the end of year 5, so don't worry if you can't do all these things yet. If you can, practise the skills at home as well as at school.





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Who has Britain been at war with, and why? Click here to see our World War II museum visit...
 Click here to find out about Ellis Island (2015 archive)









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